Welcome to the Franklin County February 13, 2018 Special Election

This online ballot marking program will allow you to access your ballot, mark, review, and print your ballot and required documents for return to your county election office.

Please select from the links above for more information about marking your ballot online, returning your ballot, or for answers to common questions. Some of the links contained in this application may take you to external websites that are not available in Spanish. These websites are not controlled by the Franklin County Elections Department.

To begin the voting process, you must first answer the question below regarding your voter status.

Are you a member of the Uniformed Services or U.S. citizen residing outside the United States? Find more information about this question.


To verify or update your voter status, visit Washington State's "My Vote" site.

You may contact your county elections office to confirm receipt of your voted ballot.

The online ballot marking program will be accessible until 8:00 PM Pacific Time on February 13, 2018.